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After Hero, unexcused tardies decreased by

After Hero, unexcused tardies decreased by

Hero helped Southern Wayne High School change the tardy process.

Hand-processing tardies was overwhelming Southern Wayne’s front office. Switching to a digital solution saved administrators time – and kept paper slips from getting lost and students from slipping through the cracks.

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Source: Southern Wayne High School, September – December 2014

With Hero, tardies to class dropped

With Hero, tardies to class dropped 80%

Hero helped administrators change student accountability at Cleveland School of the Arts.

With a paper-based system of tardy slips, it was difficult for the school to keep track of consecutive tardy infractions, let alone enforce the consequences. And so students thought there was a 30-minute grace period to get to class. With accurate, accessible data, administrators could hold students accountable – and teach them responsibility for their actions.

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