Ready to make a change?

See how powerful positive reinforcement can be.

In with the good.

Improve overall student behaviors with HeroRise, our positive behavior reinforcement solution. HeroRise motivates students to make good choices, more often – while simultaneously reducing suspensions, referrals, and other infractions.

Hero Rise

Recognition, in real time.

HeroRise is an effective, practical tool for recognizing positive behavior throughout a school.

Recognition, in real time.

Every action has a reaction.

Positivity is contagious.

Instead of focusing solely on discipline, teachers, administrators, and staff reward the good choices students make, which spurs others to make those same good choices.

The reinforcement way.

With teachers, administrators, staff, and families actively engaged, reinforcement touches every student – not just the high or low performers. Infractions drop off while better behavior rapidly spreads.


An entire school on its best behavior.

Because it's a schoolwide solution – and not just an application for individual classes – HeroRise unities entire campuses behind a district or school's behavior improvement plan. And since it's highly configurable, it's ideal for supporting PBIS, MTSS, SEL, RTI, or other behavior frameworks, for the long term.